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When and how to plant tomatoes

To get excellent tomatoes at the end of the season, the first thing to take care of is the right choice of variety and the purchase of seeds for planting. Because, in order to get the desired result on the yield of tomatoes at the output, gardeners prefer to plant gardeners themselves, rather than buy ready-made on the market.

Planting tomato

Growing tomatoes does not cause any difficulty for gardeners. the main thing provide the necessary conditions and then in the end there will be a good harvest of this vegetable.

General rules:

  • Selection of seeds;
  • Sowing seeds;
  • Growing seedlings;
  • Planting in open ground;

How to plant seed

Tomato Seeds

You can grow seedlings in various ways:

  1. Planting seeds in prepared containers - This is the way in which it is first planted in a single box, and after a dive, they are seated in separate containers;
  2. Wrapping seeds in diapers - it is also called the Moscow method and they do it like this - they put cellophane tape on it, put a piece of toilet paper on it, moisten it with warm water, spread the seeds in 1 cm steps and 1.5 cm from the top edge, top with a layer of paper, moisten and put another tape of cellophane. After all the manipulations, everything is rolled up and put in a container where water is poured so that the diapers touch it;
  3. Planting seeds in open ground under the film - seeds are planted in heated land and covered with greenhouse film from returnable frosts;
It is important to choose a suitable option so that cultivation does not become time consuming.

How to plant seedlings

To understand how best to plant a tomato, you can give an example based on the Tretyakov F1 hybrid. The plant is determinant and suitable for growing in greenhouses. From the first shoots to ripe fruit passes 3.5 months, which means you can plant seeds until April 1.

It is best to plant each separately taken seed. in a peat tabletto injure the roots less. Further care of the seedlings material does not differ from the generally accepted rules.

Hybrids do not transmit their genetic data using seeds.

When and how to sow a tomato

Sowing tomato on seedlings is carried out starting from the third decade of February until April 1. The technology of sowing seeds can be found by reading this article.

At home, tomatoes can be grown on the windowsill, the glassed-in balcony, on the table, if the lights are equipped on it so that the seedling material does not stretch out.

How to choose a way of planting seeds of tomato seedlings decides the gardener himself. But first of all, you need to purchase good seeds and usually get them in specialized garden centers from proven manufacturers. This gives confidence in obtaining the desired crop.

At home, seedlings can be grown on a well-lit window sill

Selection of seed material

If tomatoes are planted on the site for the first time, then the variety should be picked up that will correspond to the gardener's taste tastes and be cultivated in a specific region.

Therefore, there are certain rules that should be followed when choosing tomato seeds:

  1. First of all it full ripening period. As in the northern region, where a long and warm summer gardener can afford later varieties.
  2. Also worth considering the height of the bushes, since if planting of tomatoes will be carried out in a greenhouse, there, in connection with the saving of space, it is worthwhile to pay attention to tall fruitful varieties. If the planting area is large, it is best to plant varieties with a growth of 50-100 cm, since it is not profitable to set backwaters for tall tomatoes in large areas.
  3. Tomato growing region - here you can see that some varieties zoned for a specific regionAnd this means that it is in this region that there is an opportunity to get a consistently large crop of this variety.
  4. If the package says that this type of tomato can grow only in the greenhouse, then it should not be planted in open ground, as there most likely the tomato will not survive.
  5. The size of fully ripened fruits is important, as large tomatoes can only be used for cutting salads, and with a diameter of 5-6 cm and the correct form it is good to use for preservation.
Small tomatoes are well suited for canning, large - for salads
Choosing a variety for yourself, get acquainted with the data written on the package, it will help to decide how much the tomatoes fit the region and the tastes of the gardener.

Dishes for seedlings

Now for sale a lot of different specialized dishes for growing. But it is worth considering that at first the seeds are planted in a seedling box with a height of about 12 cm, and then during the dive, the seedlings are transplanted in separate volume containers not less than 200 grams.

Therefore, under the seating boxes can be adapted:

  • Milk and juice boxes;
  • Cropped 5 liters. plastic bottles;
  • Wooden boxes.

For the capacity in which they are transplanted about the spiked shoots, disposables are well suited cups of 200 and 500 grams.

For planting seedlings, containers about 12 cm in height are needed, cups will do after diving
It is necessary that the dishes had openings for draining excess water.

Required soil composition

After choosing the pots, it is worthwhile to choose the right ground where you can plant the seeds. First of all, it should be nutritious and loose. Therefore, you can buy soil in the appropriate store.

And you can make it yourself, taking all in equal proportions:

  1. Peat.
  2. Garden land.
  3. Sand.

Any land purchased or compiled with his own hand must be disinfected. For this fit freezing or calcining - The main thing that killed various microorganisms.

Seed preparation at home

To find out if the seeds are suitable for sowing into the ground, it is necessary to determine the viability. This is recognized in two ways:

  • A saline solution is made and seeds that pour into it are poured out; they can be safely thrown out; the rest are suitable for cultivation.
  • Seeds germinated on a wet napkin, and as soon as the sprout sprout comes, it is planted in a glass with the soil.
Seed viability can be determined by germination on a napkin

Seeds purchased from well-known companies have already been tested for germination and processed by growth stimulants, so they should not be soaked.

How to sow seeds in the ground

The prepared soil is poured into containers and moistened with the help of bottom watering. After the excess water leaves on the ground surface, small trenches are made with a depth less than 5 mm, it is convenient to do it with a ruler, so the rows are exactly. In the trench put the seeds in steps of 2.5 cm and sprinkled with earth. Between the trenches leave 4 cm.

After sowing seeds, cover the containers with glass or put in a plastic bag. This will protect the soil from drying out and will create greenhouse conditions with the help of which friendly tomato seedlings will appear.


A dive of tomatoes is done when the seedling is two true sheet plates. To do this, soak the soil well and gently remove one seedling and transplant it into a separate container according to the root system. The most convenient way to do this is at home or in an apartment.

Being engaged in diving of saplings it is necessary to plant out quickly and accurately without coming off the process, so as not to destroy the seedlings.


Further care will consist of watering which should be regular, but prevent waterlogging of the ground. Also, the seedlings should stand on a warm and sunny windowsill, so that there is no excessive stretching of the sprouts. It is once a week turned by various parties to the light source so that it does not grow one-sided.

There is no need to carry out fertilizers, because in 1.5 months the soil does not age. Before planting in open ground or greenhouse, seedlings are gradually accustomed to open air - they are hardened.

Good seedlings have a vigorous appearance, green foliage, 6 leaf plates and height does not exceed 15-20 cm.

Cultivation errors

The main mistakes novice gardeners when growing seedling material:

  1. Incorrectly picked seeds.
  2. Bad land in boxes for growing.
  3. Not appropriate temperature and bad light.
  4. Overfeeding seedlings with fertilizers in poor light.
With a lack of lighting, it is necessary to equip an artificial

Shelf life

Without soil, seedlings are not stored for a long time no more than two hours, provided that it is wrapped in a wet cloth and does not lie in the sun.

Terms of planting tomatoes

Since tomato seedlings are ready for planting at the main cultivation site after 2 months, seedlings are sown 60 days plus five days for seed germination.

Sowing in the ground

If this is the Krasnodar region of Russia, then the seedlings will be planted in open ground. in the beginning of Mayand in the greenhouse you can 2 weeks earlier.

Based on these deadlines, we count back 65 days and get the date:

  • For open ground, seedlings are planted on seedlings on February 25 and not earlier because it is difficult to take root on overgrown seedlings in a new place;
  • For greenhouses, they begin to sow seeds for seedlings on February 20.
To get healthy seedlings, you need to sow it in time.
You need to sow in time to get healthy seedlings.

Seeds for seedlings are sown before April 1, because if later planting bushes grow tomatoes only for decorative purposes, the tomatoes will be tied to them, and they will not have time to ripen. Especially this term concerns the northern regions of Russia.

When can be planted seed of large-fruited varieties

First of all, tomatoes and tomatoes is the same name for a plant. Large-fruited tomatoes are grown quite often by planting them in a greenhouse. To grow seedlings of such tomatoes, seed planting is already under way. in the third decade of February.

Early landing damage

The early planted seeds are a result of a very elongated tomato seedling, not only with flowers, but also with the fruit's ovaries. After planting at the main site, such seedlings are ill for a long time and take off both flowers and fruits.

It is necessary to plant the seeds in a certain period to get healthy seedlings. Adhering to all the rules of growing seedlings, you get a good crop of the desired variety of tomatoes.