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Detailed description and characteristics of tomato varieties Sunrise

Hybrid tomato plants today are very popular because they contain the best signs of different varieties and are considered almost universal. Today, a suitable variety for cultivation can be selected for any area that is distinguished by its climatic conditions. One such example is Sunrise tomato, a description of the characteristics of which you will read in this article.

Description and characteristics of tomato Sunrise

The variety is considered determinant, giving early harvests of vegetables of excellent quality. Bushes are short, do not exceed sixty centimeters. During growth, they need to be staved, but they do not require tying to supports.

The tomato is early ripening, it takes no more than two and a half months from the appearance of seedlings to the beginning of the harvest. One bush with proper care brings at least five kilograms of ripe vegetables. Ripened fruits differ in a red shade, their flesh is very juicy, with a slight sourness. Tomatoes are round in shape, slightly flattened from the fruit stem. The skin is dense, not susceptible to cracking. One tomato weighs about two hundred and fifty grams on average.

The main advantage of the plant is its compact size. This makes it possible to plant a lot of tomato bushes in a small area without worrying about the quality of the crop.

Cultivation of the variety is possible not only in greenhouse conditions, but also on unprotected beds. Ripe tomatoes are consumed fresh, used to make sauces, pastes, juices, preserved.

Sunrise Tomato Seeds

Breeding history and region of growth

Tomato origin is obliged to Dutch breeding specialists. The high yield of the hybrid and its low demands on care were liked by gardeners from different regions. Especially liked the variety of residents of Ukraine.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Among the main advantages are the following features:

  • high yield plants;
  • no need to install supports to perform the garter;
  • excellent resistance to many diseases most commonly found in solanaceous plants;
  • short period of ripening;
  • compactness of the bush;
  • when grown in greenhouse conditions, it is possible to harvest during the whole year;
  • ripe fruit is well transported.

For all the positive signs there is only one negative point - the taste of tomatoes is average, it is best to use them in conservation.

Sunrise fruits on a bush

Planting seeds

The period of growing seedlings depends on the season and is nine weeks for the winter season, six and five for spring and summer, respectively. Sowing is carried out in boxes or cassettes filled with peat mixture with the addition of vermiculite.

Landing is carried out at a depth of one centimeter in a moistened soil.

If seeds are purchased in a store, they should not be soaked.

Planting is completed by irrigation, the containers are placed in a warm place for germination.

Watering sprouts must be done in small droplets using warm water. Dive seedlings can be carried out in a couple of weeks when the sprout forms one true leaf. When transplanting, it is recommended to pinch the main root so that the seedling starts forming lateral branches.After picking, the seedlings are placed on a well-lit window sill.

Planting seeds for seedlings

Transplantation of seedlings in open ground

This can be done when the seedlings match a number of signs. For example, up to ten leaves will already be formed under the lower tassel. As a rule, this work falls on the middle of May.

Garden beds are prepared in advance, dug up, weed vegetation is removed. Bushes are seated according to the scheme "fifty-fifty" centimeters.

In small areas, the distance between plants can be reduced.

At first, seedlings must be protected at night by covering materials.


The plant does not need special care; it can freely manage with the measures customary for many tomatoes - weeding, watering, loosening the topsoil, and adding fertilizer formulations.

Watering for the entire period of growth is performed in the amount of five to ten times, here everything depends on the climate conditions. Water consumption should be at least thirty liters per square meter of land. Some gardeners began to apply for this drip irrigation system - and so convenient and quite economical.

Drip irrigation do it yourself

Potassium nitrate is used as the main fertilizer composition. Most of it should be made in the period of ripening. In addition, the plant will need phosphorus compounds.

Tomato Sunrise needs pasynkovanie, which is held to the bottom of the fruit brush.

How to get seeds next year?

Some gardeners collect them from the most ripe tomatoes, dried and preserved for the upcoming planting. But you can buy material for planting in a specialty store. Before sowing, they should only be soaked in salt water and removed to the surface.

Diseases and their prevention

Sunrise varieties are good in being able to withstand many diseases that tomato plants are prone to. But if at the early stage of the growing season they are treated with special compounds, then you can create a reliable defense against such troubles.

Parasites that can damage a tomato:

  • Colorado beetle;
  • aphid;
  • bug;
  • thrips.

To cope with such unwanted guests will help you special chemicals that can be purchased in stores.

The plant is considered an excellent candidate for cultivating it in a garden or in a greenhouse. All gardeners speak about him quite well, because the fruits of tomatoes are really attractive in appearance, the bushes are high-yielding and at the same time quite compact. Taking into account the fact that mature vegetables tolerate long-term transportation, they are recommended to be grown for commercial purposes.