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5 most useful nuts for the human body

Nuts are amazing gifts of nature that can enhance a person’s intellectual abilities and increase their intelligence. In total there are dozens of types of nuts.

Nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, dietary fiber, which are contained in nuts, have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Nutrition Table

Nuts are very high-calorie food. But despite this, nutritionists argue that they are useful in the fight against obesity. Useful substances contained in the product, improve metabolism. In order not to harm the figure, the daily dose should be reduced to 15-20 g.

Table - how many calories are contained in nuts:

ProductCalories (kcal / 100g)Fat (g)Proteins (g)Carbohydrates (g)
Brazilian nut65666,414,34,8
Pine nut6736111,619,3
Cashew nuts64354,125,713,2

Useful properties of nuts:

  • Nuts are an undeniable source of vitamins and minerals (B vitamins, vitamin E, selenium, calcium, zinc, iron and iodine).
  • Are among the most useful and necessary products for the mind.. Thanks to polyunsaturated fatty acids, they are indispensable for mental stress.
  • The increased caloric content of the product, the combination of light fats and vegetable proteins, are a real source of energy. Therefore, they are necessary for physical exertion. To some extent they can replace meat and eggs.
  • Contains omega-3 fatty acids. Thanks to what the product is extremely useful for illnesses of the cardiovascular system.
Different types of nuts on a platter, ready to eat

The most useful nuts for the human body

Without exception, all species are beneficial to human health, but each of them has its own characteristics. Modern scientists distinguish the "five" of the most useful in the world - hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts and peanuts.


Another name for hazelnuts is Lombard nut. "Die Hard" is known since ancient times. Our ancestors made of it protective amulets from the evil forces and disasters. Nowadays, it is extremely useful for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, anemia, arterial hypertension. Hazelnuts are recommended to be taken for the prevention of cancer, because it contains an anti-cancer substance - paclitaxel.

It is recommended to eat hazelnuts raw, as it is more useful.
Whole hazelnut nuts


Back in ancient times, Hippocrates and Avicenna described the healing actions of the Volosh (walnut) walnut and its leaves. And modern scientists call it the "tree of life" due to its rich composition. After all, indeed, this fruit contains many nutrients: vitamins, alkaloids, tannins and many trace elements. Walnuts are recommended to add to your diet for people with thyroid problems, due to their high iodine content.

Help walnuts with physical exhaustion, heart disease and nervous system.

Fruit kernels are used in diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys, as well as an effective wound-healing agent.

Chopped walnut, ready to eat


Almonds are also called the royal or elite nutlet. Although in reality it is not a nutlet - it is a stone fruit. A feature of this species is its high content of calcium. What makes it useful and indispensable for the health of the skeletal system. Thanks to phosphorus, iron and potassium, almonds are strongly recommended for diseases of the heart and circulatory system, Doctors recommend eating about 60 grams of almonds a week.

Regular use of these nuts improves sleep and helps with insomnia. For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, almonds are used for urolithiasis, gastritis, ulcers, hypertension, anemia, migraines, eye diseases.

It is necessary to introduce this species into your diet very carefully, as it is difficult for the body to absorb. Almonds can be eaten raw or toasted. Often it is added to sweets and baking, and in eastern countries to meat and rice dishes.

Almond piala

Brazilian nut

Brazil nut is considered the most delicious, according to gourmets, and the most useful, according to scientists. He is considered one of the most useful and necessary for the female body and is also called the nut of youth. All this is due to the presence in it of a huge amount of selenium, which prevents premature aging.

Just two Brazil nuts a day will have a beneficial effect on the skin. Due to the high calorie content, these nuts serve as a source of energy and vigor. In addition, they prevent the development of cancer and heart problems.

Peeled brazil nut kernels


In the world there are more than 70 types of peanuts. These beans are a good preventive measure against heart disease, cancer and gastritis. Peanuts have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, soothes when overexcited and helps with insomnia. It is an excellent antioxidant. Improves hearing, sight and memory.

Just a few peanuts can satisfy hunger. According to this, nutritionists consider it one of the most useful nuts for weight loss, and allowed to use during the diet. Peanuts are easily absorbed by the human body, due to the high content of proteins and proteins. But it is not recommended to abuse these nuts in order not to provoke an allergy and not to disturb the digestive functions.

In addition to this "five" of the most useful nuts, pine and hazelnut, pistachio, cashew, coconut are also very popular. All of them have a rich vitamin and mineral composition, help to increase immunity, improve brain function and heart activity.

Peeled and unpeeled peanuts

The most useful nuts for women

Regular use of nuts by women improves reproductive function, strengthens memory, slows down the aging process, improves skin, nails and hair.

Each of the types of nuts has its own special advantages for the female body.

  • Almond. It has a large amount of fiber and vitamin E, which makes the skin healthy, clean and beautiful. This product is used in the fight against overweight. It is recommended to consume daily 15-20 g of almonds. And in order to avoid the difficulties of its digestion, it is necessary to soak overnight in water.
  • Brazilian nut. Serves as a healthy snack to increase energy and concentration. The trace element selenium, which is part of it, increases the fertility of women, prevents cancer of the breast and bones. Selenium along with the rest of the vitamins and antioxidants rejuvenates skin cells. Brazilian oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin, strengthens the nails, gives the hair a healthy shine.
  • Cashew nuts. The product contains the least amount of fat, which allows you to include it in the diet menu. This is a true source of folic acid, so cashews are useful for pregnant women and those planning a family. The composition contains painkillers and anti-inflammatory components that help relieve pain, including toothache.
  • Hazelnut. It is recommended to use it for varicose veins outside and inside. It also improves immunity and improves memory, gives health to hair and nails.
  • Walnuts. A real assistant of women in the fight against cardiac and oncological diseases. They contain a lot of biotin, which prevents hair loss and helps strengthen them. The use of this nut during pregnancy prevents the development of a child's food allergies.
  • Pine nuts. They clean the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, which has a beneficial effect on the appearance of a woman. Lactating mothers it is useful to eat 2 tbsp. spoons of pine nuts to improve lactation and get more nourishing breast milk. Traditional medicine uses the shell and kernels in the treatment of gynecological diseases. Pine nuts, useful for the female body

    For men

    Nowadays, men often face problems with potency and the ability to have children. Scientists argue that male nutrition plays a decisive role in this matter. In the diet of their food must be present nuts.

    • Walnuts. Their benefits for men proved by many studies. In men who regularly consumed walnuts, scientists discovered significant progress in sperm quality, thanks to the organic acids found in the fruit. In addition, biologically active substances, in particular arginine, have a positive effect on male potency.
    • Brazil nuts. The most powerful antioxidant, selenium contained in a Brazilian fetus, increases testosterone levels, thus improving the quantity and quality of sperm. It serves as a prophylactic agent for prostate cancer. Arginine improves potency, it is also called natural "Viagra." To increase the male strength, 2-3 nuts are sufficient; in large doses, selenium is toxic and can lead to the opposite effect.
    • Almond. A real storehouse of vitamins and minerals, a source of energy. Due to the large amount of calcium, almonds are good for healthy bones, which is very important for athletes and older men. Almond helps to increase libido and maintain a healthy sex life.
    • Pistachios. A handful of pistachios helps to increase sexual desire in men and the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Dietary fiber and fatty acids will help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, and arginine will improve the flow of blood to the genitals.
    • Hazelnut. It has a positive effect on the reproductive system of men, improves blood flow and cleans the blood of cholesterol.
    Pistachios - useful nuts for the male body

    For kids

    Children under three years of age do not use nuts, as they contain a lot of protein, which is difficult to digest.

    In the children's body has not yet developed enough enzymes that are responsible for the digestion and assimilation of proteins. In this case, the children's body will receive only the load on the pancreas, liver and kidneys.

    Nuts, in addition, are a strong allergen and a child over three years old should be very careful to inject them into the diet.

    The most useful for children is a walnut. This is an excellent source of iodine, so this product is especially useful in children in areas with high radiation. Useful substances will help improve the mental abilities of children, cope with hypovitaminosis and anemia. For children, it is enough to eat 2 nuts a day.


    The maximum benefit to the body nuts bring, if you use them to 30 grams per day. They are indispensable for the human body, have an amazing taste. You can use them in different forms, adding to almost any dish.