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5 varieties of white strawberries with a description

Catching up with gardening, many people think about start growing new and unusual plants. These include white strawberries. How to start the cultivation of this unusual berries in detail in the description below.

What is white strawberry and its features

White strawberry is a hybrid obtained by crossing Chilean and Virginian wild strawberries. This plant grows on different continents, so over time, strawberries appeared with an unusual color. In the process of evolution of such a berry there was a loss of the gene responsible for the red pigment. With this, the ability of berries to cause allergies in people whose body does not tolerate this pigment has disappeared.

Strawberry grade White Swede

The berries of white strawberries are significantly smaller than those of red, except for the variety White Swedewhich even sometimes is bigger. Still immature fruits have the same light green color as that of red-fruited garden strawberries, and when ripe they acquire a slightly pinkish hue.

Varieties White Swan and Yellow Miracle have a yellowish tint due to the multitude of yellow seeds. The taste of white strawberry is very unusual - with hints of pineapple, strawberry, mulberry and wild honey. The berries themselves are very sweet, sometimes sour. In growing unpretentious and grow small bushes, not taking up much space on the site. Stored for long, so do not go on sale - this is probably the only drawback.

Most popular varieties


Pineberry Strawberry

A popular type of white strawberry is Pineberry or pineapple strawberry, imported from Holland. Small berries (1.5 - 2.5 g) with red kernels and pineapple flavor. Garden strawberry low-yielding, but unpretentious and resistant to various diseases.


Strawberry grade Anablanka

Variety brought from France. Anablanca is a rare variety, because it appeared relatively recently. The properties and methods of cultivation are similar to the previous species. The flesh is soft, pinkish due to a long stay in the sun. The variety is high-yielding, compact and just like Pineberry is not susceptible to disease.

White Swan and White Lotus

Strawberry White Lotus

These varieties are imported from Japan. They reach a height of 15-20 cm, remontant. White Swan varieties, which have the taste of linden honey, come in 2.5 - 4 g. Strawberries The white lotus is smaller and oblong, the taste is dessert.

White Swede

Strawberry grade White Swede

Treats large-fruited grades. Berries reach a mass of 25 g and more. They are shaped like a cone with a sweet and sour flavor of pineapple, mulberry and wild strawberries. Bushes squat and sprawling. This variety is resistant to pests and droughts, not afraid of cold weather.

How and where does white strawberry grow

White-fruited strawberries are almost the same as usual, so you can grow it in the garden as well as in the greenhouse. Varieties with small berries can also be grown in containers. Landing is not possible in the sunny area, do not require abundant watering. If the water is abundant, the berries will become watery, but retain their sweet rich flavor.

Growing white strawberries in containers
It is impossible to plant white strawberries with seeds, only with a mustache.

To multiply the plant, you need to root the whiskers in plastic containers, and then separate them from the bush.

Landing rules

White strawberry loves heat, so it is desirable to grow in greenhouses, but it is possible in the open field. But on the site not at every place this berry may well settle down. A good place would be where corn or legumes grew.. If previously grown cucumbers, tomatoes or potatoes, the soil is not suitable for strawberries.

White strawberries should not be planted on the soil used for raspberries, potatoes, tomatoes or cucumbers

Before planting seedlings, it is necessary to remove all unnecessary pollution, weeds, rhizomes. Having dug into the ground at 30-35 cm deep, it is necessary to saturate the soil with mineral fertilizers: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus. Prepare the wells 10-15 cm, pour a little water and place the seedlings with straightened rhizomes. Leave a distance of 20-25 cm between the bushes for their growth.

Is it necessary and how to properly prune the berry

Once a year, it is imperative to trim the bushes. Old leaves and mustaches take away a lot of strength from the plant and therefore the yield of the bush decreases. This procedure can be performed both in spring and autumn.

The best option would be to cover garden strawberries for the winter. In this case, should be trimmed bushes in the fall and be sure to remove the mustache. Whiskers can also be removed as needed. Over the summer, the bottom leaves of the bush are mainly given up, so they should be removed, carefully cutting off the bottom leaves without damaging the top leaves, which already have buds for the next season.

To increase the yield, it is necessary to trim part of the leaves and whiskers of strawberries.

After removing the whiskers and leaves, the pests and infections will not fall on the strawberries. If there was no pruning in the fall, you must certainly do it in the spring. It is necessary to remove yellowed old and diseased leaves.

Care rules

Part of the care is fertilizing, which is divided into several stages:

  • The first feed is made during planting. With the appearance of peduncles, you need to make an organic dressing with the addition of ash in it.
  • When flowering The plant also needs additional feeding, at this time there is an expenditure of strength, water and trace elements for a bountiful and good harvest.
  • Last feeding done in the period of laying new buds for the next season.
In order for all the minerals and moisture to reach only the berries, timely and constant weeding is necessary.

To reduce weeds and provide protection from the beginning of the rotting of the berries, it is desirable to make mulching of the soil. A height of 8-10 cm above the soil spreads a layer of dry grass. To protect the fruit from insects, you can tie berries to the pegs.

Diseases and pests

Common Gray Rot forms a fluffy bloom on the berries. This disease is caused by frequent rains and is tolerated by this spore. To eliminate should get rid of all the diseased leaves and bushes.

For prophylaxis, it is necessary to spray plants with iodine solution before starting flowering - 10 drops per 10 liters of water. This procedure will relieve from other fungal diseases.

Of pests occur:

  1. Nematode;
  2. Weevil;
  3. Spider mite;
  4. Medvedka and many others.

Most insects lay eggs in strawberry fruit.. It is not necessary to plant a plant next to the raspberries, many pests will begin to multiply on strawberries.


All these tips and tricks will help grow an unusual variety of berries. Properly growing and providing good careYou can enjoy the pleasant and delicate taste of white strawberries for many years.